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By F. E. MOHS, B.Sc., M.D. Pp. xvii + 305, with 225 illustrations. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications Ltd. I956.



Frederic Mohs, in 1957 produced his results of a 12,000 person study using the herb bloodroot and zinc chloride to destroy cancer cells.  To day the American medical industry does not recognize the use of bloodroot to destroy cancer cells. Today Mohs' work has been almost destroyed by doctors not actually following the Mohs Chemosurgery Gangrene and Infections, but use a surgical technique instead.

Learn about the books that have been suppressed

Chemosurgery is the removal of tissue, such as malignant, gangrenous or infected tissue, after it has been fixed by chemical means. In the treatment of external cancer, the purpose of chemical fixation in situ is to facilitate the systematic microscopical control of excision through the use of frozen sections.

'The fixative chemical used is zinc chloride in a 'permeant ' base of stibnite and an ' agglutinant ' obtained from plant extracts. This is called Z-Io8a by the author, who is Professor of Chemosurgery in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

The technique consists in excising the carcinoma surgically in a very limited way, and then applying the fixative paste for a length of time dependent upon the depth of penetration required; this fixed tissue is then excised and frozen sections of the under surface of this area are then examined; further applications of the paste followed by further excision are continued until the excision is microscopically clear of growth. By limiting the application of the fixative to the cancerous areas, selective destruction of the neoplasm is possible, thus allowing greater conservatism than in more orthodox methods of treatment. The local lymph nodes are removed surgically, if they are thought to contain growth.

The treatment may take eight hours and is performed under local anesthesia.

The indication is mostly for skin carcinoma, squamous-cell or basal-cell, and five-year cure rates of over 84 percent and 98 percent respectively are claimed, but the calculation of these figures is not altogether clear. The main advantage of the method lies in its conservatism, but the results are probably no better than those from the more normal methods, which are less time-consuming. The author also advocates chemosurgery in the treatment of benign and pre-cancerous lesions, for certain inflammatory processes and for gangrene.

Those engaged in the treatment of cancer will be interested to read this very well-presented book.


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