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Alzheimer's Mender®

Anti-Cancer Enzyme Protocol- Part A
click to watch alzheimers movie

The membrane in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients has been studied, revealing nutritionally deprived cells. That can be reversed.

Wach Tumorx Anti Cancer enzymes part one

This video explains how the enzymes will actively hunt out & destroy cancer cells.



Anti-Cancer Enzyme Protocol- Part B
Apoptosis Protocol/Package 1
How to use anti cancer enzymes

This video explains how to effectively take enzymes.

Watch Apoptosis dvd

This video explains how the Apoptosis Protocol works.


Cachexia Aids Protocol
Cachexia Cancer Protocol
Wach movie and aids and cachexia
This video explains how to reverse the effects of wasting disease

in AIDS patients.

Watch cachexia and cancer

This video explains how the enzymes will actively hunt out & destroy cancer cells.



Cardiovascular Mender
Diabetic Mender
Watch Cardiovascular Mender Cardiovascular Mender is an enzyme blend that promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. Watch Dailyzyme dvd Systemic Enzyme Blend;
Clean Your Blood Remove Scar Tissue
Watch diabedic mender dvd Enzymes derived from the pancreas are the only enzymes that have been shown effective in improving and reversing type 2 diabetes.
Endocrine Mender
Package 6



watch endocrine mender vedio

Adrenal Fatigue..
Stop Feeling Tired! Improve Your Life Today Endocrine Mɘnder®
Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back.

Click to view package 6 dvd

Learn about how cancer is killed using Enzymes and ATP, the anti-cancer effects of Q-10, and how Apoptosis herbs kill all forms of cancer  in the body.

Movie: Click Here

TumorX Protocol Information
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