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How to use TumorX Apoptosis ProtocolDirections to use bloodroot easy digest adn full strength


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Peer review studies L-Glutathione anticancer


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The three main types of skin cancer are:

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Malignant Melanoma

Whether the cancer is dermal, sub-dermal or ulcerated, TumorX Paste will remove cancer cells in all known cancers that plague the human body.

Even if the cancer has formed a tumor inside the body, the active ingredient in the Paste will migrate sub-dermally- approximately four inches- once the TumorX Paste has been applied on the approximate top of the invisible tumor. This will allow the TumorX Paste to work effectively on any part of the body.

Note of Caution: Only apply TumorX Paste to soft tissue, non-organ areas. If bone, lung etc. are infected with cancer do not allow the paste to be applied closer than four inches to the affected area. The cancer will be destroyed too fast and create unneeded issues to the body.

“TumorX Paste saved my life and can save your life also.”.  
Dan Raber is the inventor of the world renowned TumorX Protocol.

  • Dr. James
  • Firefighters in AZ

Dr. James wrote:

Dear Customer Service,

I noticed suspicious bumps on several regions of my body. I was diagnosed with cancer and knew the dismal success rates of what my field had to offer. I decided to try the TumorX Package 6. After 6 months of using the products I am now cancer free.

Scottsdale Arizona:

Firefighters in Scottsdale Arizona used to fight suspicious fires at one of the nearby Indian Reservations. When they would return from fighting these fires their trucks would be covered in a mysterious yellow ash. All through the summer they put out fires on the Reservation. When fall arrived several of the fire fighters had come down with suspicious skin cancers. They all tried the TumorX Protocol and some were cancer free in as few as 10 days while it took others 60 days. In all, 2 precincts of fire fighters were cancer free within 60 days of starting the TumorX Bloodroot Protocol.


Dr. Kelley says, "All cancers cells are alike no matter where in the body they may be present.".

  • Overview
  • TumorX Paste
  • Ingredients
  • Dr. Frederic E. Mohs Studies:

Tumorx Paste is applied to the surface of the skin.

TumorX Paste can be applied directly onto the cancer or applied over the cancer site. The Paste will absorb approximately 4 inches into the body. This is of primary importance to women who have breast cancer.


When should the paste not be used?

One should not use the paste to destroy cancer cells deep inside the body in such places as lung and prostate. The paste could be very dangerous in these and other areas of the body.

Tumorx Paste 3 ounces
Tumorx Paste 3 ounce photo
Call 229-365-7222

Slippery Elm
zinc chloride

A study published by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs in Chemosurgery in Cancer, Gangrene and Infections shows the following success rates using sanguinarine as the primary agent to destroy squamous cell carcinoma of the extremities including fingers, hand, arm, foot, toes, leg and trunk:

Grade 1 ..... 100.0% chemo
Grade 2 ......87.1%
Grade 3...... 60.0%
Grade 4 ...... 66.7%



You can use the TumorX Protocol with your Current Treatment!
The TumorX Protocol adds Synergy and can also work as a Palliative Care!

  • Learn About
    TumorX Protocols
  • Apoptosis Protocol
    Info & Video
  • TumorX Enzyme Protocol
    Info & Video
  • Cachexia / Starvation
    Protocol & Video

This Protocol can be used early in the disease.

TumorX Formula Apoptosis Protocol:
Uses the herb bloodroot to kill cancer throughout the body. Bloodroot has been documented in peer-reviewed studies.

This Protocol should be used in the later state of the disease.

TumorX Enzyme Protocol:
Has been demonstrated to actively hunt out and destroy cancer cells and at the same time repair the body.

TumorX Cachexia Protocol:
Formula CX will digest the food one eats, clean the blood, and convert the metabolic poison into energy- thus supplying the brain and other parts of the body with energy.

One can add additional supplements to packages to enhance the results.

Package #1


Bloodroot Apoptosis Protocol
Product Overview

TumorX Apoptosis Protocol is a fantastic budget protocol.

Key points are:

  • Bloodroot only kills Cancer Cells
  • Enzymes are used to help detoxify the body.

Package #2

Click Here To Watch The Video To Learn More About The TumorX Enzyme Protocol!

Enzyme Protocol Part A
Enzyme Protocol Part B
Tumorx Enzyme Protocol part A
How to use enzymes

Product Overview.

Glandular pancreatic enzymes work systemically and have a proven history of destroying cancer cells. Current modern science has born out the anticancer ability of enzymes.

This protocol Kills cancer cells and repairs the body.

Click Here To Watch The Video To Learn More About The TumorX Enzyme Protocol!

Package #4

Cachexia Protocol
Stops Wasting Disease

Watch the move about starvation and late stage cancer.

Key functions of the Protocol:

  1. Converts the metabolic waste of the cancer cells that act as a poison to the system.
  2. Contains the enzymes to allow the body to digest all food eaten, thus stopping starvation.
  3. When the protocol is properly implemented the quality of life of the person will be improved.
  4. This protocol will complete the krebs cycle, allowing the cannibalization of the body to stop.

Protocol Verses Package

Protocols are very useful to the person doing their own independent research who are learning about the cause and treatment of their disease.

Packages are incredible useful for the person who wants to use alternative medicine but does not have years of studying behind them, yet they do not want to make common mistakes. For this reason we offer booklets and videos which explain the products. Phone consultation is also available for those who need more explanation about how to maximize their individual results.

In most cases we suggest one use the complete Tumorx Packages, one can always add their own vitamins, minerals and herbs to the package, but in most cases it is unnecessary. The Tumorx protocols and packages are designed to add to the body without using poisons. Our protocols are completely safe because the body already uses these compounds.

Choose the TumorX Package That's Right for You.
Protocols can be used with your current treatment or as a stand-alone treatment.

  • CompletePackages
  • Package #3
  • Package #5
  • Package #6

This Protocol can be used early in the disease.

Apoptosis and Enzyme Package #3:
This Package works by using the herb bloodroot to kill cancer cells and by using enzymes to kill cancer cells and detoxify the body.

This Protocol should be used in the later state of the disease.

Organ Package #5:
This Package uses the Enzyme Protocol, L-Glutatione, Q-10 and ATP.

Non-Organ Package #6:
This Package uses the Formula Apoptosis Protocol,the Enzyme Protocol, Q10, and ATP.
Do not use Apoptosis Full Strength and / or Apoptosis Easy Digest, if your cancer has metastasized to your: Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder, or Spleen.

One can add additional supplements to packages to enhance the results.

Package #3

Apoptosis & Enzyme Protocol Package 3

Product Overview
TumorX Apoptosis Protocol combined with TumorX Enzyme Protocol is an effective combination. In fact, recovery time was cut in half when the Apoptosis Protocol was added to the Enzyme Protocol.

This combined Protocol will not only kill cancer cells, using two different mechanisms, but will also help detoxify and repair the body.

Package #5


Product Overview

The combination of enzymes, L-Glutathione, Q10 and ATP is an excellent combination of nutrients:

  1. Enzymes
    1. Detoxify The Body
    2. Kill cancer cells
    3. Improve the condition of the blood
    4. Help digest food thus decreasing the risk of starvation
  1. L-Glutathione
    1. Protects healthy cells
    2. Detoxifies cells
    3. Removes carcinogenic compounds from the cells
    4. Kills cancer cells
  2. Q10
    1. Induces Killer T cells
    2. Induces Helper T Cells
    3. Feeds the mitochondria
    4. Helps the cells produce ATP
    5. Increases macrophages
    6. Helps protect the heart and other vital organs from chemo drugs.
  3. ATP
    1. Using the liver, ATP Converts lactic acid into energy
    2. Increases blood flow and oxygen to organs, converting the body from anaerobic to aerobic
    3. Kills cancer cells  

This package will not only kill cancer cells, using four different mechanisms, but will also help detoxify and repair the body.

Package #6

Digest Bloodroot and Apoptosis Easy Digest Full Strength Bloodroot, Q10 & ATP

Protocol Package 6


Product Overview

The combination of enzymes, L-Glutathione, Q10 and ATP is an excellent combination of nutrients:

  1. Enzymes
    1. Detoxify The Body
    2. Kill cancer cells
    3. Improve the condition of the blood
    4. Help digest food thus decreasing the risk of starvation


  1. Apoptosis Easy Digest Bloodroot
    1. Kills Cancer Cells
    2. Removes the ability of cancer cells to hide from the immune system
    3. Kills microorganisms
    4. Easy on the stomach- less side effects compared to Apoptosis Full Strength Bloodroot.


  1. Apoptosis Full Strength Bloodroot
    1. Kills Cancer Cells
    2. Removes the ability of cancer cells to hide form the immune system
    3. Kills microorganisms
  1. Q10
    1. Induces Killer T cells
    2. Induces Helper T Cells
    3. Feeds the mitochondria
    4. Helps the cells produce ATP
    5. Increases macrophages
    6. Helps protect the heart and other vital organs from chemo drugs.
  2. ATP
    1. Using the liver, ATP Converts lactic acid into energy
    2. Increases blood flow and oxygen to organs, converting the body from anaerobic to aerobic
    3. Kills cancer cells

This package will not only kill cancer cells, using four different mechanisms, but will also help detoxify and repair the body.

One can kill cancer cells for as little as $18.50 USD. This is accomplished by using Tumorx Apoptosis Easy Digest 90 count bottle. The one drawback to this herb is that it can cause naseau and vomiting if not taken correctly.

To learn how to use the herb correctly and how to mitigate its side effects ...Click Here
People with stage 4 cancer have had their oncologist confirm that they were cancer free after using this herb as part of their personalized protocol. Because of this, we believe that you should at least be aware of this herb and its life saving attributes.

However, we believe that one needs to determine what caused their cancer in the first place and correct the issue in the body. If one does not correct the reason behind the disease, the cancer will come back and/or hinder the healing process.


  • Overview
  • Jim
  • Dan's
  • Mike's
  • Nord's
  • Debbie's

Video Testimonial
The photos provided inside the video are graphic medical images
of cancer being destroyed and show life in the process of restoration.

Video is 60+ minutes
Free Videos


The photos provided inside the tabs are graphic medical images
of cancer being destroyed and show life in the process of restoration.

Dan's ................................ Malignant Melanoma

Mike's .............................. Malignant Melanoma (Photos of Debridement)

Nord's ............................. Squamous Cell Carcinoma (spinal column cancer wrapped around vertebrae  T7 & T80)

Betty's .............................. Breast Cancer

Hello Tumorx,

Jim from Texas
I have been using TumorX Apoptosis Protocol (also know as Package 1)
with the formula 203X about four months I have removed 100+ skin cancers from my body; the products in the package are amazing!
Before the cancers die they get a red ring around the site then the cancer starts to fade and eventually becomes undetectable. I have told many of my friends and relatives, they have decided to also use your product and have received the same results.
I'm also using memory Mender and ATP I can tell a difference since I began taking them.

Keep up the good work

Dan Raber cancer photo 1 This is what my skin looked like before I treated myself
with the
TumorX Paste.
Dan Raber cancer photo 2 A few days after applying the
TumorX Paste: It appeared that
the cancer cells
had come to the
surface and that
I would be done with my treatment within
a week or two.
Dan Raber cancer photo 3
The dead tumor mass is coming out from
the skin. Look closely...
the white dots in
the photo are the
tentacles that weave through one's skin around tendons, blood vessels, arteries and bone. Please note the "tentacles" are dead at this time.
Dan Raber cancer photo 4I let the skin heal back, but it does not look healthy.
Dan Raber cancer photo 5 I applied more TumorX Paste on my wrist because I still had cancer! The reaction
was faster and more intense than the first time.
Dan Raber cancer photo 6

I kept applying
TumorX Paste daily, looking for all of the cancer to be gone. I knew that as long as there was even one cancer cell, I would
have to keep treating until there was no
sign of cancer.

Dan Raber cancer photo 7 As you can see, my wrist, hand and arm are swollen, but the cancer is being abated
Dan Raber cancer photo 8The dark circle is the scab made up of dead cancer and adjacent tissue.
Dan Raber cancer photo 9The site is 2 5/8
inches in
If you look at
the side of the
scab you will
see the tentacles.
Dan Raber cancer photo 10 The cancerous
tentacles are wrapped around my tendons.
The cancer was so tenacious that I had
to use TumorX Paste until my bone was exposed and my
tendons were suspended like a bridge.
Dan Raber cancer photo 12This photo is approximately one
week after the cancer
was eliminated.
Healthy skin tissue
was able to
grow back.

Dan Raber cancer photo 13
The yellowish-white in this photo are tendons. The white mass is petroleum jelly surrounded by new skin tissue that is filling in the hole in my wrist.

Dan Raber cancer photo 14

The inflammation has receded and the skin tissue is filling in. I have checked numerous times to make sure that all the cancer was killed. I had an x-ray and biopsies performed...all tests proved negative!

Dan Raber cancer photo 15

The hole in my wrist has completely healed.
The scarring is minimal but there is absolutely no cancer in my wrist or the rest of my body.

As you can see this scab is about 3 inches in diameter.
Please Note: TumorX Paste causes inflammation but not infection. The inflammation around the large scab was caused by an allergic
reaction to paper tape.
The lighter color inside
the scab is where a
biopsy was preformed.
Please Note: The biopsy spread
malignant cells to the surrounding tissue.
The cancer is coming to the surface, forming a large scab that has detached from healthy tissue.
Please Note: Bloodroot is not being applied at this time.
The dead cancer
tissue is being
This is a photo of the dead cancer scab which was removed as shown in the previous photo.
Please note: The dying
cancer is still coming
to the surface.
The cancer scab is still attached to healthy tissue
Two days after the
last photo. The scab
came off painlessly
with the bandage.
Please Note: There is
no infection or puss.
The body is ready to grow healthy tissue
in its place.
The hole in the back took about 5 months to completely fill in.


This cancer site was diagnosed as inoperable 
Please Note: The cancer is completely wrapped around the spinal column, vertebrae  T7 & T8
Seven days after of applying TumorX Paste: the tumor mass  is larger than was originally indicated by the medical tests. 
The enzymatic fluid has caused collateral damage to the adjacent skin.
back18On day 22 the dying tumor has come to the surface of the skin.
On day 40 the tumor is completely dead.
On day 50 the site is healing up perfectly.


These photos are from Debbie. As you can see, the tissue healed over nicely. She is one of many that has been cured by the TumorX Paste:

Days after applying the TumorX Paste the scab forms
A few day later the scab falls off, showing healthy tissue. 
breast5The tissue has healed over. This photo was taken about 60 days after the scab fell off.

Putting Treatments and Protocols Into Perspective

It is important to remember when discussing percentages that the actual person (most likely the reader of this page) has cancer and is not a statistical aberration, but is a real-life human being who will have 100% success or 100% failure. Our belief is strong: anything that you can do in a 24-hour period to kill cancer cells is a good idea. If your body is producing 3 million cancer cells per day (using theoretical numbers to prove the point) and you are killing 5 million cancer cells per day, you will be cured, you cannot lose. However, if you are producing 5 million cancer cells per day and only killing 3 million you will extend your life but in fact time will overcome you. This is why you need to do everything possible everyday and not research yourself into the grave.

No time like the Present

I have seen and talked to 100’s of people who spent years looking for the perfect cure and the perfect protocol. The truth is, all the old proven-and-tried protocols work. The reason all the old protocols work is that each address different nutritional deficiencies inside the successful people.


  • Catherine
  • Beth
  • Gary
  • Jim
  • LeDora
  • Stephenn
  • Mr. Hines

Catherine From Georgia

Diagnosed with liver cancer that had metastasized to the colon. A large tumor could also be felt on the right side of her torso. Catherine began the TumorX Protocol after a bleak prognosis from her oncologist. She knew other family members who used the Tumorx Products and were cured of bone and prostate cancer so she decided to use the products. After only one year of using the protocol, her test results demonstrated that she is now cancer free.

Beth from Vermont:

Dear Customer Service,
I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had 4 lumps in my left breast and 2 in my right breast with the largest being 5cm. I found TumorX and began taking the full protocol. After only one month of the products, the AMAS Test came back clear!

I am now cancer free!

Gary from Nevada:

Dear Customer Service, I had gone through 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was very weak and still not rid of my cancer. I turned to the TumorX Products in hopes of becoming cancer free.
I began taking the TumorX Apoptosis and TumorX Enzymes Protocols along with
TumorX L-Glutathione. I felt better almost immediately. The best news is that the last
check up I had with my doctor, he informed me that I was cancer free!!

Jim from Florida:

Dear Customer Service,
I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread to my lungs. I was looking for an alternative cure that would really treat the cancer when I found the TumorX Products. I spoke with an advisor and began taking the TumorX Enzyme and TumorX Apoptosis Protocols. Three months later I went for a CAT scan and the doctors couldn't find any cancer in my body! The spots on my lungs were gone and my PSA was back to normal.


Dear Customer Service,
I began taking the TumorX Enzyme and TumorX Apoptosis Protocols when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After taking the two protocols I felt much better but was still concerned because the lump had not completely disappeared. I decided to go ahead and let the surgeons perform a lumpectomy. When the doctors performed the surgery they informed me that there was no cancer and that all the margins were clear. I continued to take the TumorX Protocols for thirty days to make sure any lingering cells were destroyed.
Thank you TumorX for ridding me of my cancer!


My son has testicular cancer that has advanced to other areas of his body.   We have given him many products since we began fighting this cancer.  We have tried various treatments as well as surgery.   My son started taking the TumorX 103X, Bio Anue Dailyzyme and TumorX bloodroot easy digest formula.  After taking these products for one week a Beta HCG Tumor Marker test was done, my son’s tumor markers had gone from 225,000 to 89,000 in 7 days.  Another Beta HCG Tumor Marker test was done this week and his markers have now fallen to 11,000.  Thank you for your wonderful products and for your care and concern.

Mr. Hines:

 I have recurrent renal cell carcinoma that has moved to my lungs and I have multiple lesions in my lungs.  On May 4th before beginning the TumorX protocol my doctors did a CT scan, I took the protocol in May some in June and in July I really began to take the products in the manner advised.  I went back to my doctors on July 23rd for another CT scan and the doctor was amazed.  He told me that whatever I was doing to keep it up and that the differences from May to July are remarkable.  There are no new lesions (there had always been new lesions in the past) and the old lesions were decreased in size.  Thank you TumorX for all you do to help people.

The protocols work on correcting deficiencies inside the body, thus allowing a true cure to take place. A good example of this: The TumorX Enzyme Protocol addresses the body’s deficiency of pancreatic enzymes- one of the control systems that keeps a healthy individual cancer free. The enzymes function by acting as scavengers that look for defective cells to destroy.

To add to your Protocol or Package

  • ATP
  • Bovine Cartilage
  • Coffee Enema
  • Endocrine Mender
  • Essential Supplement

In order for our bodies to perform their many complex functions, they must be supplied with energy. The demand for energy in the body is increased by numerous factors such as work, exercise and disease. These demands must be met in order to keep our bodies functioning at the optimum level.

The energy-rich chemical compound that provides virtually all the energy needed by our body is known as adenosine triphophate, or simply ATP. The energy released from the breakdown of ATP is used to power all body functions. We need ATP to make our hearts beat, to give our muscles power when we demand it, and to maintain our everyday lives. Without adequate ATP stores, we could not walk, run, breathe or even have blood flow through our bodies. So, ATP is considered the "energy currency" of the cell. It is, in fact, the molecule that gives us life.

The majority of cancer deaths are a result of the cancer spreading (metastasizing) to distant regions of the body. Bovine cartilage has been demonstrated in both pre-clinical and clinical trials to stop/inhibit the spread, growth and proliferation of cancer cells.


Coffee enemas date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians and have been demonstrated to treat and cure colon cancer. How do enemas work? By removing the toxins from the body (the rotting decaying mass, i.e., the carcinogenic material). The enzymes your body produces can now naturally destroy the cancer because the cancer cause (the carcinogenic material) has been removed. However, something as simple as a mineral deficiency can hinder your cancer cure. One example of a hindrance is a deficiency in the mineral magnesium. The body needs magnesium to properly activate the enzymes. You can eat all the expensive enzymes in the world but if you are mineral deficient, the enzymes cannot do their job and the protocol cannot work.

Click Here For Coffee Enema Instructions

Taking a systemic approach to curing cancer is the only logical approach to take. The fact is that even the US government in its defective thinking will admit that 1/3 of all cancers are induced by malnutrition. This is why you need to read this entire page in order to understand the concepts of how you can cure yourself, not just put yourself into hopeless remission.

BioAnue Endocrine Mender nourishes key components of the endocrine system, affecting the body's ability to deal with stress and illness. It fortifies the immune system, increases stamina and balances metabolic energy and hormones. Endocrine Mender contains substances proven to help repair and keep the endocrine system healthy and functioning properly. Some people respond within 45 minutes of taking the product.

Individuals from all areas of life, every culture, all ages, and every race can suffer from adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue occurs when the activity of the adrenal glands diminishes. The less function that is going on in the adrenal glands, the more organs and systems in the body are affected. Changes occur in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance, heart and cardiovascular system and sex drive.

Essential Supplement is derived from raw organs; it is uncooked with minimal processing and no preservatives added. This whole food substance allows the body to uptake the nutrients as it was designed. As a whole food source, it is a good source of both essential and non essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. However, the synergistic combination will allow most individuals who suffer from lack of energy to feel increased energy, mental alertness, and a general felling of well being.

People who suffer from metabolic imbalances such as adrenal fatigue will find the product beneficial. Essential Supplement will aid Patients who suffer from disastrous conditions such as Cachexia when combined with a protocol such as Formula CX by TumorX.

Healthy people can also benefit by only taking two capsules once per day, their energy will be doubled. Essential Supplement contains essential vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals and essential & non-essential amino acids. The reason that these essentials are so important is because the body cannot replicate them, we can only get them through our diet. If one is looking for a general all-around support for their body to increase energy and feel better with a little pick-me-up throughout the day, give BioAnue Essential Supplement a try.

  • L-Glutathione
  • Minerals
  • Spirulina

Why L-Glutathione is so important

L-Glutathione plays important roles in antioxidant defense, nutrient metabolism, and regulation of cellular events including:

  • Gene Expression
  • DNA and Protein Synthesis
  • Cell replication
  • Organized Cell Death (apoptosis)
  • Controls the action and direction of enzyme function action (first described in 1977 [signal transduction])
  • Immune Response
    • Helper T cell (cytokine production)
    • Killer T cell production (cytokine production)
  • Oxidative Stress (protein glutathionylation.

The importance of minerals cannot be overstated, the fact is that enzymes cannot work properly without minerals. Hypermineralization is just as dangerous as hypomineralization. There needs to be a correct balance of mineral content inside the body for one to be healthy.

The three minerals that men and women who have cancer, or have a family history of cancer, have a deficiency in are vanadium, zinc and selenium. (In our research over the years men who have prostate cancer and women who have breast cancer seem to have a greater likelihood than the average to be deficient in these minerals.)
In fact, vanadium, zinc and selenium have all been proven to induce cancer when the body doesn't have ample mineral concentration.

With high quality minerals, one should first determine if they are in fact deficient before beginning a mineral regimen.

Kulshreshtha et. al., in Oct 2008 Stated that Spirulina has unique blend of nutrients that no single source can offer. The food contains a wide spectrum of therapeutic nutrients that include B-complex vitamins, minerals, proteins, gamma-linolenic acid and the super anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin E, trace elements and a number of unexplored bioactive compounds. Because of its apparent ability to stimulate whole human physiology, Spirulina exhibits therapeutic functions such as antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antiviral, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-diabetic and the ability to increase in the quantity of blood. Spirulina consumption promotes the growth of intestinal micro flora as well.

Remission / Cured?

There is the difference between remission and cure. Cancer remission simply means that the tumor shrank, was no longer growing, or for some other metabolic reason was no longer life-threatening, or the cancer was cut out. The oncologist used poisons and/or radiation to shrink or kill the cancer, but the deficiency- that is to say the cause of the cancer- was never corrected thus allowing the disease to remanifest itself. However, if one is in remission they have a golden opportunity to repair their body to complete health.

We would love to hear your success story! Please e-mail us at
to share your story.

Have more questions now than when you started reading this page? Call the United States technical support office at 229-365-7708 to speak with a TumorX Protocol expert that can answer your questions.

We want you to be cured. The resources on this website are here for your education. Watch the videos and read all the information here. If you need more explanation, please feel free to e-mail or call our technical support hot line which is manned by real people NOT by commissioned sales reps.

If you do not receive an answer to your e-mail with in the first 48 hours please check your spam filter and/or add to your approved addresses, and re-email your question.  

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