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Questions & Anwsers
TumorX Apoptosis Protocol

Q: Does TumorX Apoptosis Protocol Work?

A: Yes. In fact, it has increased the cure rate and speed of the cure two fold.


Q: Why is there TumorX Apopotosis Full Strength and TumorX Easy Digest? Do I need both?

A: The two products were formulated to work in conjunction with one another. The problem with the active ingredient that kills the cancer is if not taken properly can result in projectile vomiting. When taken together as the TumorX Apopotosis Protocol the person should experience no side effects. If taken outside of the directions as little as one capsule of full strength has caused projectile vomiting. The same person when using the protocol could consume six capsules of Full Stregth in a day without any negative side affects when taken correctly. This is why following the Protocol is crucial.


Q: Is TumorX Apoptosis Protocol expensive?

A: No. This is one of the most inexzpensive efficacious, anti cancer protocols that I am aware of.


Q: Why should I use TumorX Apoptosis in conjunction with TumorX Enzyme Protocol?

A: Enzymes kill cancer and repair the body. TumorX Apoptosis is a very inexpensive method of killing cancer cells but does not repair the body. By combining the two you increase the cancer kill rate using two seperate mechanisms. One is the Apoptosis and one the enzyme. So adding different mechanisms increases the success rate and lowers te cost at the same time. Another example of doing this properly is adding TumorX anti-carcinogenci. This would produce killer t cells that would alsdo kill cancer cells. At this point you are using three mechaniss. The more effective mechanisms that you put toether that repair the body instead of destro. the more more effecitve it beomes. What we are tryoing to do by blending the protocols and substances that have been proven to destroy cancer cells is increase the survival rate of the person.

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Q: Can I use other natural remedies with the TumorX Protocol?

A: Yes. We have seen people who see good results using other protocols. An example being cesium chloride. However, the cesium was not able to overcome the cancer when the TumorX Protocols were added, the tumor mas was dead in only three weeks. In contrast to the nine months the patient who was using cesium chloride.


Q: How long should I follow the TumorX Protocol after I was diagnosed to be cancer free?

A: TumorX Enzymes should be used indefinitly to keep the body at optimal conditions. TumorX Apoptosis Formula should ne used for 30 days a year in order to help destroy any posible cancer cells within the body. The other supplements should be used as long as deficiencies are presenting themselves in the body.


Q: What type of cancers has TumorX Formula Apoptosis been proven to cure?

A: The simple anwser is what hasn't it been proven to work on? The reason TumorX Formula Apoptosis works on all cancers because the Apoptosis formulas in fact do not kill cancer cells. Instead, they deshield the cancer cell allowing the healthy cells adjacent to the cancer cell to identify it as a cancer cell. At this point, the cancer cell self destructs. This is known as apoptosis. It is a bio chemistry term meaning self destruction. The seqence is the protein phase is liquified and the DNA is split. What will be left over is simply goo. The body will re absorp the goo feeding the healthy cells and as long as Formula Apoptosis ingredients are present in the body, this natural process will take place that no cancer cell has a protective mechanism to withstand.

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Questions & Anwsers
TumorX Enzyme Protocol

Q: Do the TumorX Enzymes produce any pain?

A: No. Most people within three days of taking enzymes feel significantly better than they have in years.


Q: Because enzymes contain aprotase will they eat a hole through my stomach?

A: No. When taken orally TumorX Enzymes even at doses of 450 capsules per day have not harmed anyone. In fact, have cured the cancer when only taking 42 capsules per day.


Q: Can I put enzymes in water and drink them?

A: Absolutely not. Here is the problem, your mouth is covered with dead skin cells, remember enzymes chemically rip apart dead and dying tissue. The inside of your mouth is covered with these dead and dying cells i.e. you will have a mouthful of blood before you get them consumed.

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Q: Since I cannot add to water, is there a way of drinking an enzyme without harming the enzyme or myself?

A: Absolutely. Here we have to do a little chemistry trick. What one needs to realize with the TumorX Enzymes is that they are full strentgh natural enzymes, not synteetic industrial enzymes. Because of this fact they can be turned on and off by the adjustment of the PH of the liquid they are put into. To do this, use a high speed blender put 9 ice cubes in blender. Add approximately 4 fluid ounces of a citrus juice, the juice should be fresh organic and have a PH below.If you are not sure of the PH of the juice buy some litmus paper and use a test sample to determine PH, only a few drops are needed with proper litmus paper. Remember we are looking for Ph below four. Blend juice, enzyme(any quanity), puree at this point one can drink the enzyme without fear of harmful affects.


Q: When will the enzyme reactivate?

A: Keep in mind that as you digest food it goes into the stomach that is a hydrochloric acid pit. With that said it is acidic with a PH far below four. Fact is a mild acidic solution like the stomach will not damage the integrity of the protein i.e. the enzyme. Goes down chyme at this point the body excretes sodium bicarbnate that is alakaline in nature. The PH of the mixture of the stomach contents will be changed and at this point become alkaline, reactivating the enzyme.


Q: I have to use a stint to receive nutrition. Can I still take enzymes?

A: Absolutely. In some ways it is even easier. If the stint is goiing to your stomach or directly to the intestines one can use water as the median instead of juice. Keep in mind that the PH of water is typically 7 if it is distilled and the enzyme will still be active. However, when you are using the high speed mixer you should be able to put it directly into the solution. Remember, enzymes are water soluble. This way you do not have to deal with the inconvenience of swallowing enzymes all day long.


Q: Can I mix the enzymes ahead of time and take them to work in a thermos because my job doesn't allow me to constantly stop and take pills?

A: Yes. Honeatly a lot of people have done this. The key thing to remember with enzymes is they are temperature and PH sensitive. As long as you keep them chilled and in the proper medium i.e. citrus or prune juice. It can be made up ahead of time and put into a refrigerator or a thermos, whichever is convenient.


Q: What makes the TumorX enzymes different from other enzymes on the market?

A: TumorX Enzymes in my opinion are te best on the market due to the fact they are non adulterated, cold processed and non industrial.


Q: Will the TumorX enzymes produce any scarring?

A: No, for every cancer cell being destroyed a healthy one is put in its place.


Q: Will TumorX Enzymes work on skin cancers?

A: Yes, usually eliminating the cancer within two to four months. This is not a hard and fast rule, but an approximation of the time required.


Q: Will TumorX Enzymes work on breast cancer?

A: Yes. The TumorX Enzyme Protocol is the key to living through breast cancer. One should consider TumorX Protocol Package #3 with TumorX BioEnergenics and BioAnue Bovine Cartilage.

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Q: If I've already had surgery or some other treatment, can the TumorX Enzyme Protocol still help me?

A: Yes. Doing the internal TumorX Protocol would be advantageuos. The fact is, the doctor cannot guarantee 100% that he cut out all of the cancer. If one cell is present, the cancer willremanifest itself inside your body. Assuming the surgeon removed all the cancer, unless you repair the body back to health with proper nutrtion useing enzymes and other supplements the body is still weak and needs to be reapired.


Q: If I've had chemo can I follow the TumorX Protocol?

A: Yes. If you have had chemo one of the problems is xenobiotic residue left over from the chemo agent. this destructive poison needs to be eliminated. Research has proven that supplementing with 300mg of TumorX anti-carcinogenic L-Glutathione will help rid the body of this carcinogenic material.

Q: If I have had raditaion can I use TumorX Protocol?

A: Yes. Radiation kills healthy cells and defective cells putting burden on your organs as it tries to detoxify. Research has proven that TumorX 103X will be an effective method of detoxifiing your body of these dead cells.

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Questions & Anwsers
TumorX Paste Protocol

Q: Should the TumorX Paste be used with the TumorX enzymes?

A: Yes, this is a very important part of the TumorX Protocol. If one has external cancer the person needs to realize that the cancer can only be cured if all the deficiencies are reversed. TumorX Apoptosis Protocol destroys cancer cells while TumorX Enzyme Protocol destroys cancer cells and rebuilds the body. When used in conjunction with TumorX BioEnergenics Q10, this will help stimulate the immune system producing killer t cells helping destoy the viruses that created the cancer i.e. melanoma.


Q: Will the TumorX Paste work on most skin cancer?

A: Yes. In fact TumorX Paste has been proven to work on all types of cancers found at the dermal and sub dermal levels as well as ulcerated cancers.


Q: How do I know how to use the TumorX Paste Protocol?

A: Get a copy of the TumorX Protocol For TumorX Paste - An Instructive Cancer Removal Documentary which is 1 hour and 38 min long, featuring a man who had five cancers removed from his body. One cancer was removed from around his jugular vein, three cancers were removed from his back, and one cancer was removed off of his chest. This DVD features over one hour of step-by-step documentation of the TumorX efficacy. Also featured is a photo gallery showing six persons in the process of ridding themselves of cancer - two with breast cancer, two with stage-four melanoma on the neck, one with skin cancer on the neck, and one with cancer near the mouth ... you owe it to yourself and/or your loved ones to get all of the information one can.

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Q: Will this work on breast cancer?

A: Yes. There have been thousands of women who have saved their lives following the TumorX Protocols.


Q: How long will the treatment take?

A: That depends on the size and location of the tumor(s). Although many small skin cancer sites are cleared up within 30 days using TumorX Paste, there is no known average. Each case is unique, and if it takes longer, it takes longer. Let Mother Nature do her work.


Q: Can I proceed with the TumorX Protocol on cancer, without waiting for a lesion or ulceration?

A: Very definitely. Waiting for ulceration would be deadly to one's health. This is usually a sign that the cancer is metastasizing throughout the body.


Q: What would hinder or stop my total recovery?

A: The biggest problem and hindrance is the well-intentioned novice who tries to re-invent the TumorX protocol. Secondly, is the cancer victim who does not fully understand the severity of their cancer. Thirdly, is the cancer victim who will not seek competent advice.


Q: Really, how painful is the TumorX Paste?

A: Depending on where the cancer is located and your tolerance to pain this answer will vary. In general what is required is prescription pain relief.

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Q: If I've already had surgery or some other treatment, can this TumorX Protocol help me?

A: Yes. Approximately 85% of the people who have used the TumorX Protocol have already had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Furthermore, the TumorX enzymes can be used while one is undergoing chemo, i.e. traditional or non-traditional, the TumorX Paste, or any other anti-cancer nutritional program.


Q: How long will it take to know if the TumorX Paste protocol is working?

A: Within 5 minutes to 72 hours the TumorX Paste, depending on the depth of the cancer, will begin to do its job. If there is no cancer, the TumorX Paste will not have zero reaction with the skin.


Q: Is the TumorX Protocol used by doctors?

A: Yes. The TumorX Protocol is being used extensively in clinics in the Phillipiines. Some brave doctors and practitioners in the US, Canada, Mexico and other locations around the world use the TumorX Protocol.


Q: How much help will I need?

A: If you use the TumorX Paste you will need a caregiver if you have cancer of the lymphatic system or breast. If you have simple skin cancer you should be able to treat yourself depending on the location of the cancer. The real issue is breast cancer. The best thing one can do if the internal protocol is not working fast enough i.e. two months I would suggest using the paste at a clinic in the Phillipines.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Depending on the aggresiveness of the cancer one needs to select one of the TumorX Protocols and then order the proper supplementation. If in fact the cancer has not been shrinking or cured within two months of startting the TumorX Protocol then one should consider the TumorX Paste.

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