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Renal Pelvis Cancer

This article contains alternative anticancer information about the use of natural substances to overcome your malignancy.  Transitional cell cancer of the renal pelvis and ureter is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the renal pelvis and ureter.

The renal pelvis is part of the kidney and the ureter connects the kidney to the bladder. There are 2 kidneys, one on each side of the backbone, above the waist. The kidneys of an adult are about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and are shaped like a kidney bean. The kidneys clean the blood and produce urine to rid the body of waste. The urine collects in the middle of each kidney in a large cavity called the renal pelvis. Urine drains from each kidney through a long tube called the ureter, into the bladder, where it is stored until it is passed from the body through the urethra.

The renal pelvis and ureters are lined with transitional cells. These cells can change shape and stretch without breaking apart. Transitional cell cancer starts in these cells. Transitional cell cancer can form in the renal pelvis or the ureter or both.

"Dr. Kelley states that all cancers cells are alike no matter where in the body they may be present.".

Want peer review clinical studies the “gold standard of science” demonstrating cancer cell can die naturally, using one of the phytochemicals known as sanguinarine found in the herb bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis) this constituent is known to down regulate survivin and induce apoptosis.

The United States Government knows that your cancer can be killed using natural products. Click here to see the studies

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma / Multiple Lessions to Lungs


Dear Customer Service,
I have recurrent renal cell carcinoma that has moved to my lungs and I have multiple lesions in my lungs.  On May 4th before beginning the TumorX protocol my doctors did a CT scan, I took the protocol in May some in June and in July I really began to take the products in the manner advised.  I went back to my doctors on July 23rd for another CT scan and the doctor was amazed.  He told me that whatever I was doing to keep it up and that the differences from May to July are remarkable. 

There are no new lesions (there had always been new lesions in the past) and the old lesions were decreased in size. 

Thank you TumorX for all you do to help people.




Protocol Verses Package

Protocols are very useful to the person doing their own independent research and learning about the cause and treatment of their disease.

Packages are incredibly useful for the person who wants to use alternative medicine but does not have years of studying behind them, yet they do not want to make common mistakes. For this reason we offer booklets and videos which explain the products. Phone consultation is also available for those who need more explanation about how to maximize their individual results.

In most cases we suggest one use the complete Tumorx Packages, one can always add their own vitamins, minerals and herbs to the package, but in most cases it is unnecessary. The Tumorx protocols and packages are designed to add to the body without using poisons. Our protocols are completely safe because the body already uses these compounds.





Testimonials 1 of 6

  • Catherine
  • Beth
  • Gary

Catherine From Georgia

Diagnosed with liver cancer that had metastasized to the colon. A large tumor could also be felt on the right side of her torso. Catherine began the TumorX Protocol after a bleak prognosis from her oncologist. She knew other family members who used the Tumorx Products and were cured of bone and prostate cancer so she decided to use the products. After only one year of using the protocol, her test results demonstrated that she is now cancer free.

Beth from Vermont:

Dear Customer Service,

I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had 4 lumps in my left breast and 2 in my right breast with the largest being 5cm. I found TumorX and began taking the full protocol. After only one month of the products, the AMAS Test came back clear!

I am now cancer free!

Gary from Nevada:

Dear Customer Service,

I had gone through 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was very weak and still not rid of my cancer. I turned to the TumorX Products in hopes of becoming cancer free.

I began taking the TumorX Apoptosis and TumorX Enzymes Protocols along with TumorX L-Glutathione. I felt better almost immediately. The best news is that the last checkup I had with my doctor, he informed me that I was cancer free!




Before choosing and using one of the TumorX Protocols you have to make some decisions that will determine which protocol that will best fit your metabolic needs.

Overview of TumorX Protocols

TumorX Package 2: If you are looking to augment your treatments, this protocol can be added to about any natural or allopathic protocol. This enzyme-based approach uses pancreatic enzymes combined with plant enzymes. This anticancer package will work with homoeopathic therapies, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. It aids in detoxification of the dead cancer cells, while allowing the natural cell death of your cancer cells.

TumorX Package 3: This protocol is ideal to add to your current chemotherapy regiment. This is a good protocol for your application if your cancer is non-responsive to chemotherapy or to radio-therapy or you desire a mechanism that will down-regulate survivin and induce apoptosis.

TumorX Package 4: If you are or have used allopathic drugs (maybe you underwent chemotherapy or radio-therapy), but began losing weight and are suffering from wasting disease, you need TumorX Package 4.

TumorX Package 5: If you have cancer that has spread to your liver, kidney, or spleen you need TumorX Package 5.

TumorX Package 6: If you are looking to do a complete holistic approach, TumorX Package 6 is right for you.

TumorX Package 9: If you have been on Package 6 for 30+ days and have no negative symptoms from the protocol and want to get more aggressive, TumorX Package 9 is for you. This is the most aggressive and strongest of the protocols. Package 9 contains the strongest combinations of anti-cancer substances. Package 9 typically produces clinical results within the first 30-45 days. The two factors required to obtain clinical results are: 1. Achieving saturation with Formula 503X, and 2. Consuming 15 capsules of Apoptosis Max 3 times per day.

Each package has its pros and cons depending upon your personal needs. You should make a decision based upon the understanding of your body’s metabolic needs and biochemical mechanisms, which will help you defeat your cancer.   The information is provided to help you make an informed decision based upon what protocol your body needs. So rather than make an emotional decision, please read all the information so that you make your decision with confidence and purpose, knowing that you can overcome your cancer.

Learn about the different TumorX Protocols:


Testimonials 2 of 6

  • Jim
  • LeDora
  • Stephenn:

Jim from Florida:

Dear Customer Service,

I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread to my lungs. I was looking for an alternative cure that would really treat the cancer when I found the TumorX Products. I spoke with an advisor and began taking the TumorX Enzyme and TumorX Apoptosis Protocols. Three months later I went for a CAT scan and the doctors couldn't find any cancer in my body! The spots on my lungs were gone and my PSA was back to normal.


Dear Customer Service,

I began taking the TumorX Enzyme and TumorX Apoptosis Protocols when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After taking the two protocols I felt much better but was still concerned because the lump had not completely disappeared. I decided to go ahead and let the surgeons perform a lumpectomy. When the doctors performed the surgery they informed me that there was no cancer and that all the margins were clear. I continued to take the TumorX Protocols for thirty days to make sure any lingering cells were destroyed.

Thank you TumorX for ridding me of my cancer!


My son has testicular cancer that has advanced to other areas of his body. We have given him many products since we began fighting this cancer. We have tried various treatments as well as surgery. 

My son started taking the TumorX 103X, Bio Anue Dailyzyme and TumorX bloodroot easy digest formula. After taking these products for one week a Beta HCG Tumor Marker test was done, my son’s tumor markers had gone from 225,000 to 89,000 in 7 days. Another Beta HCG Tumor Marker test was done this week and his markers have now fallen to 11,000. Thank you for your wonderful products and for your care and concern.



Personally, I am not pro-chemotherapy. My dislike of chemo is not because the allopathic community uses synthetic drugs, or because chemotherapy kills healthy cells, my fundamental disagreement is the practitioner’s approach which only looks at the disease state, not at the whole person.

Chemotherapy has limited efficacy in terms of impact on overall patient survival due to toxicity and drug resistance that builds up over time. This is an area where more understanding on your part is critical to you overcoming your disease state. The majority of the time allopathic treatments fail because very few understand the limitations of these treatments.

There are over 30,000 peer-reviewed, clinical studies explaining how the survivin family of chemical compounds is produced by cancer cells. Survivin propagates the cancer cells through mitosis. Theses bio-chemicals block the actions of chemotherapy drugs. Thus the oncologist prescribes a more deadly chemo combination in hopes of destroying the survivin. This is why after chemotherapy most oncologists want to use radiotherapy in order to possibly kill any residue of survivin found in the body. Next a follow-up with hormone therapy is administered to slow down the residue cancer cells the chemotherapy and radio-therapy missed.


Allopathic Methods

 It is important to note that 90-95 percent of all cancer cell production is environmental, not genetic. You can change your environment, eat healthy food that contains anti-cancer properties, exercise, keep your body mass index in the proper ratio, have a high quality life with low stress, protect yourself from virus and bacterium that promote cancer cells, and keep free radicals in a healthy balance.  I would suggest a lifestyle change coupled with anti-cancer foods, which contains chelerythrine and sanguinarine, combined with other anticancer foods. However, do not trust your long term health to only one method; use all the methods as describe above to help repair and maintain a healthy state.  Your body’s ability to produce hCG and/or survivin needs to be kept in check. A strong indicator that you still have cancer cells would be the presence of survivin which only has a half-life of 30 minutes.    

Do not be a victim of the system; educate yourself so you can understand the capabilities and limitations of cancer treatments. Devise a strategy accordingly that works for you.   

For some reason most oncologists keep their complete protocol hidden from their patients. Although the treatment strategies are the standard allopathic treatment, the doctors keep the patient in the dark. Let me suggest some reasons for their apparent chicanery:

First: They believe it is helping to prolong the patient’s survival time, as they are able to change and adapt the treatment protocols as they see the response of the body. By seeing what treatments the patient is responding to, the hope is that this will help their patient in the long run. 

Second: To change the combination and intensity of the drugs, making the treatment more aggressive, this action in some circumstances will increase the survival of the patient.

Third: They do not have to answer questions like, why choose surgery if my cancer will come back after it is cut out? Or, why must I undergo chemotherapy then radiation after chemo? Why do I have to live on drugs the rest of my life?

The problem with the strategy: The facts are very clear, if you are a woman with breast cancer and you opt-out of allopathic treatment, statistically you do not change your outcome. But I think we need to put this into context. If you find your cancer very early… to the point where it is almost undetectable, the cancer has not produced much survivin and the allopathic treatment will work if you get aggressive.  But for the 90 plus percent who wait until imaging, like a mammogram to detect the cancer, or find it through self-examination, the allopathic treatment does not affect their outcome.  At this point the cancer is quite large, that is why they are able to see or feel the cancerous tumor.

At this point women who follow allopathic protocols should expect their outcomes to match statistics. According to the Center for Disease Control women will live about 12 years from the time of diagnosis. If women put their head in the sand and do absolutely nothing to kill the breast cancer cells, they will live about 12.1 years. So the question is, does allopathic medicine really help?  


Safe Cancer Test

I think one of the best tests to use is a test by Onco Laboratories in Boston, Massachusetts. The test is capable of finding cancer cells 5 years before any other testing method, it is about as non-invasive as possible and it is a simple blood test, no painful mammogram just a simple blood test…Click Here to go to their web site and read more.


Testimonials 3 of 6

  • Harry
  • Javier
  • Bonnie

Harry Age 62 wrote:

I was diagnosed by my doctor with prostate cancer. I had two large lumps and 2 small ones. After four months of using the TumorX Protocol my doctor confirmed that no tumors could be found. Other tests showed me to be cancer free as well.

Javier from Mexico:

Javier was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. After 2 chemo treatments he refused further treatment and started the TumorX Protocol. After four months he was cancer free.

Bonnie wrote:

When I was told that I had stage 3 breast cancer I was scared. I used the suggested TumorX Protocol. After four months, a doctor’s exam showed me to be cancer free! I am doing well and thanks to TumorX Products I did not need to have my breast removed.

Thank you TumorX.



Why the Allopathic Community
Does Not Cure Cancer

The number one problem most patients have is an unrealistic expectation of what allopathic medicine can deliver. People have the notion that the pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in keeping them sick. That concept goes against the principle of the free market system, and would only work if all the participants were working in collusion with each other. If you believe that all the participants are working in collusion, then consider a principle known as “Game Theory, Prisoner's Dilemma.” Now ask yourself, how could the pharmaceutical companies survive as cheaters in a complex society when betraying the other pharmaceutical companies would supply billion in profit and the downfall of your competitor?

Let me offer a different modal. Consider what I shall coin as the parasitic, mentally-ill bureaucrat who suffers from limited cognition. They need and desire power-- the drug of the bureaucrats. That power is like catnip to cats. Their existence is to enrich their self-esteem by harming citizens and persons. They justify increasing their power at all costs, but ultimately they unwittingly harm themselves.

Most people blame money for the lack of a cancer cure, but some blame the greedy pharmaceutical corporations (the whipping-boy for the government). The bureaucrats in the government block the approval of such drugs, and hinder naturopathic doctor and formulator from demonstrating how herbs can kill survivin in the human body.  When anyone tries to educate the population the government/lifelong bureaucrats try to use subterfuge to get their way, blocking an open dialogue of ideas and ultimately stopping a cure.

Chemotherapy works on the basic notion that you can take a compound with cytotoxic properties into the body that kills cancer cells. The fact is chemotherapy will kill cancer cells.  Chemotherapy kills healthy cells, weaker cells (cancerous), and typically wipeouts the immune system, lowering the quality of life of the patient. But what it will not do is cure the patient of cancer. To cure the patient all the cancer cells must be killed, not just the 95 percent of cancer cells that do not contain survivin… but especially the cells that contain survivin. Someone with cancer whether it is breast, lymphoma, or liver cannot merely decide to cut off the breast or replace the blood to be healthy. The body is a complex biochemical machine with the entire body working together. This is why good nutrition, good relationships, God (should you believe in such), and all dimensions of your life need to be in balance. The body and soul need their food.  People who are surrounded by others who love them have better long-term outcomes. By obtaining emotional and spiritual harmony, burdens will be lifted from of your body, including your endocrine system. Ultimately, this harmony—or lack thereof— controls your body’s ability to heal and repair.  The endocrine system can stop or slow down the amount of survivin your body is producing.

Cytotoxic chemotherapy can have short term success, but it is coupled with long term failure for most people. If you are a woman with breast cancer, chemotherapy increases your survival by 1.5 percent.  Chemotherapy increases survival for men with prostate cancer by zero but because of the side effects lower quality of life can be expected. Hodgkin’s disease responds better to chemotherapy (increases survival by 35.8 percent) and testicular cancer (increased survival by 41.8 percent.) The allopathic field likes to point to the good number and uses misleading statistics, but for the majority of people trying to overcome cancer it simply does not work.

Some medical doctors actually do understand the limitation of cytotoxic chemotherapy. These doctors use insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). This alternative cancer therapy uses insulin to synergistically increase the effects of chemotherapy but only uses about a 10th of the typical dosage, making it easier on the patient. Typically only medical doctors that focus on the whole person use this technique. These medical doctors will also boost the immune system and deal with other factors to aid the patient in their recovery.  


Survivin Explained

Survivin is a protein that is produced by cancer cells. Survivin is structurally a protein and a member of a group of proteins that act to inhibit apoptosis or organized cell death. This family of proteins acts to suppress apoptosis and plays a critical role in the action of cell division known as mitosis. Some essential properties characterizing the action of survivin involve inhibiting apoptosis, promoting cell division, and stimulating vessel growth thus inducing chemo-resistance. Survivin expression is what stops chemotherapy, radiotherapy and natural products from working. Survivin prevents the death of cancer cells through oxidative stress induced by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If the natural product induces apoptosis, survivin is capable of blocking the cell regulating destruction of the cancer cells. While this protein is present a true cure will never be achieved by the patient.

Most of the cancer tests used today are inherently flawed. They can be used as an indicator, but cannot prove or disprove whether someone has cancer. At best they are an indicator of the likelihood of a disease state, but that’s as far as it goes. Further research of blood, urine, or tumor levels of survivin should be used as an indicator of the aggressiveness of the disease state. Because there is no allopathic drug on the market that targets survivin, the test does not exist outside the research field.

Remember that your body produces about 100,000 cancer cells every second, and through apoptosis about the same number are killed. If survivin is present the cancer cells cannot and will not die.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to not just kill cancer cells but to restore your body to a pre-cancer state high survivin expression by neoplasms correlates with more aggressive cancer behavior, decreased response to chemotherapeutic agents, and shortened survival times as compared with cancers where survivin was undetectable.

As an example, research is demonstrating that survivin concentration in breast, prostate cancer tumors, and urothelial bladder cancer, can be used as an independent predictor combined with serum and/or urine as a measurement for prognosis and diagnosis.  Moreover, many studies indicate aberrant expression of survivin is associated with poor prognosis and drug/radiation resistance. 


Testimonials 4 of 6

  • Jim
  • Debbie
  • Becky

Jim from Wyoming:

Jim was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After four months of using the TumorX Protocol, his oncologist informed him he was cancer free.

Debbie from Oregon wrote:

I have stage 4 bone, breast, liver, spleen & lymph node cancer and am taking both TumorX Protocols. I am not yet cancer free but in remission. Prior to the taking the TumorX products I could not sleep at night because of the excruciating pain that even morphine did not help. After only 18 days of the TumorX Products I was finally able to get good nights sleep.

Thank you TumorX!

Becky from NY:

Becky was diagnosed with breast cancer and surgery had been scheduled. She had three weeks before the lumpectomy surgery and used the TumorX Products. The surgeon informed her that the cancer was dead and the margins were clean. He was certain that he had removed the entire tumor. He told her that whatever she had done had killed the cancer.



Cancer Statistics: Deceptive Presentation?

Cancer trails closely behind heart disease as the number one killer of Americans. While heart disease has some good news (the mortality rates have decreased over the years), for cancer there has been no appreciable difference despite the 100’s of millions of dollars spent on research. This fact demands the search of new, novel treatment options because the current treatments do not offer long-term, successful resolutions for the majority of people.  The dirty little secret is that cancer is still the second most deadly health crisis known- accounting for 23% of all deaths in the United States.  When looking over the statistics from 1975 through 2002, the death rate has not improved over the years.

The researchers admitted in 2012 that the death rate from cancer has not really changed; it is still about 1 in 4 of all the deaths. Regardless of the statistics, the hoax that “cancer rates are improving” is still being propagated.  In an article from the American Cancer Society 2012 Cancer Statistics, “Death rates continue to decline for all 4 major cancer sites (lung, colorectum, breast, and prostate), with lung cancer accounting for almost 40% of the total decline in men and breast cancer accounting for 34% of the total decline in women. The reduction in overall cancer death rates since 1990 in men and 1991 in women translates to the avoidance of about 1,024,400 deaths from cancer.”

However, when reading deeper into the article they give the real numbers. The headline is not forthcoming at all and gives the reader the misleading information that cancer deaths are decreasing each year. Let me quote from the article a little more.  “…Cancer death rates have declined by more than 1% per year in men and women of every racial/ethnic group with the exception of American Indians/Alaska Natives, among whom rates have remained stable. The most rapid declines in death rates occurred among African American and Hispanic men (2.4% and 2.3% per year, respectively).” Their headline leads to the conclusion that allopathic medicine is winning its battle on cancer, and I emphatically remind you… this is not the case27!

From the same article half of the deaths for men are from lung and bronchus, prostate, and colorectum cancers and half of the woman’s deaths are very similar being lung and bronchus, breast, and colorectum-- the main difference is breast versus prostate. These 4 cancers account for almost fifty percent of the total cancer deaths among men and women. In 2012, lung cancer is expected to account for 26% of all female cancer deaths and 29% of all male cancer deaths and in 1975 the death rate was 23%.

The American Cancer Society in their report estimates the odds of developing life-threatening, invasive cancer over the span of one’s life is as follows: for men 45% ; for women 38%. These numbers scream that the current strategies for preventing cancer are not working. These numbers also show that the odds of developing cancer is increasing, not decreasing as the headlines suggest27.

For the reasons stated above I have serious reservations about the effectiveness of allopathic treatments for cancer… now you know some of my reasons. Again, I urge you to educate yourself as much as possible so you are able to make an informed decision.

Most allopathic doctors believe that patients should not take anti-oxidants when undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy since most of the research demonstrates that antioxidants block the action of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy drugs. Ultimately, the doctors are correct.

Enzyme therapy, however, can be used with chemo- and radio-therapy. TumorX Package 2 is an enzyme protocol that will help detoxify using enzyme therapy. The enzymes found in Formulas 103X, 303X, and 403X will remove excess debris from the bloodstream, taking the burden off the patient. In further consideration of enzyme therapy: when pancreatic enzymes were used in peer-reviewed, clinical studies the survival rate of the patients went up by 83% the first year. The detoxification benefits have been well documented by natural practitioners.


Testimonials 5 of 6

  • Robert
  • Mr. Hines
  • Jane

Robert Mansfield

I have mesothelioma and was given 6-12months to live. That was in October 2008 and had scan recently and it hasn't grown at all. Thought you'd like to know.

Mr. Hines:

I have recurrent renal cell carcinoma that has moved to my lungs and I have multiple lesions in my lungs. On May 4th before beginning the TumorX protocol my doctors did a CT scan, I took the protocol in May some in June and in July I really began to take the products in the manner advised. I went back to my doctors on July 23rd for another CT scan and the doctor was amazed. He told me that whatever I was doing to keep it up and that the differences from May to July are remarkable. There are no new lesions (there had always been new lesions in the past) and the old lesions were decreased in size. Thank you TumorX for all you do to help people.

Jane from USA-00123
Acute Lymphatic Leukemia Cured

I used TumorX Package # 1, for 3 months I consumed 27 apoptosis Easy Digest and 9 Apoptosis Full strength and 6 capsules of  Formula 103X, after my symptoms of Acute Lymphatic Leukemia we no longer detectable my medical doctor ordered a PET scan, after reviewing the  test results he said he could not see any cancer in my body.  



How to Feel Good
While Undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

One question to ask while undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy is how to stop feeling sick. The answer is simple. Begin consuming pancreatic enzymes a minimum of 2 weeks before beginning either of these treatments. Those I have spoken with who began taking TumorX Package 2 (enzyme protocol) at least 2 weeks before starting chemotherapy were able to mitigate most of the negative side effects. They still lost their hair, but they felt good, and quality of life was still present.


When Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy
Does Not Work

What options remain if the chemotherapy drug or radiotherapy does not work? These methods failing is an important factor related to increased morbidity and mortality rates of cancer patients. What is needed is Apoptosis Easy Digest and Apoptosis Full Strength, or possibly Apoptosis Max. These formulas, and more importantly the TumorX Packages, that contain these formulas can save your life. Chelerythrine and sanguinarine found in those formulas suppress survivin expression.


Testimonials 5 of 6

  • Mary
  • Dick
  • Kimberly

Mary from USA-00124

Cancer is dying; TumorX Apoptosis Full Strength

After 3 weeks using TumorX Apoptosis Full Strength the tumors on the back are diminishing, so quickly I think I can see daily changes, as they become smaller, they started out taller and longer then now, in the beginning I had four tumors on my back now I have 3 the three that are left are about the size of a pencil easer and they are getting smaller every day. 

Dick from Florida -00124

Late stage Prostate cancer that metastasized to the pelvic area

Prostate Cancer Pain in the pelvic area is gone after only 2 hours.  After suffering in pain the medical doctor prescribe pain management medications that just did not work. After speaking to Dr. Raber, D.Sc. he suggest a non-drug approach using Formula 403X and magnesium chelate from BioAnue Laboratories  to diminish the pain, he stated if my body responded it work very fast, and he was right.  After consuming 2 capsule of formula 403X and 2 capsules of Magnesium Chelate the pain is gone, and I was able to sleep without pain. I just could not believe I could be pain free in only 2 hours when the meds form my doctor we ineffective and addictive. Thank you for your drug free approach.    

Kimberly from Indiana 00160

Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

I just want to let you know I just got back from my oncologist, who performed a colonoscopy, before using TumorX Package 6 I had numerous polyps throughout my colon, they were a mixture of cancerous and non-cancerous polyps, the good news is the doctor could not see any evidence cancer in by body. My question is? What is the next plan of action; I don’t want the cancer to return.



Avoiding Allopathic Drugs Completely

There are those who will decide to avoid allopathic treatments completely. These people require strong, natural formulas such as my TumorX formulas for cancer. When considering the different TumorX packages, begin with the strongest protocol appropriate to your cancer.  An example would be simple skin cancer: Package 1 typically works the best, not because the other packages will not work, but because the overkill of the higher numbered packages also adds unneeded expense.  It is best to use the strongest protocol your body can handle.

For the cancer patient whose cancer remains untreated… time is your enemy.  With time, cancer becomes more aggressive and multiplies faster. The sooner you kill your cancer the better chance you have at surviving the metabolic burden that cancer produces.  Some people have the notion that malignant cells can be made healthy again; I strongly disagree with that assertion. Cancerous cells by definition do not repair and do not die unless triggered by different biochemical mechanisms.

Cancer cells have different known characteristics:

  • Abnormal DNA (Genic mutations)
  • Anti-apoptosis (The inability to self-regulate and die)
  • Uncontrolled Growth (Non-responsive to adjacent cells )

Cancer cells are cells with structurally damaged deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). These damaged cells cannot be repaired normally by using ribonucleic acid (RNA) transcription and biochemical mechanisms.  The cancer cells’ inability to undergo apoptosis is the hallmark of malignancies (a process in which the cell kills itself if defective).

Survivin is produced by cancer cells to increase the resistance to death from radio-therapy or chemotherapy, including phyto-chemotherapy. Survivin is released from cancer cells through biological fluids surrounding the cancer cell. Survivin is the protein produced by cancer cells that stops apoptosis and increase mitosis (cell division). As survivin is increased, the cells’ inability to die is hindered-- this is one of the resistant factors with drug-resistant cancer cells.

The average person will produce roughly 100,000 cells every second by the process of mitosis (cell division) and a similarly number of cells die by apoptosis, because they are defective and un-repairable. If the immune system, enzyme systems, and the other natural defenses are incapable of the natural checks and balances the body produces cancer takes place.

Testimonials 6 of 6
  • Chris
  • Missy

Chris in Florida:

I am 45 years and was diagnosed with CLL 8 years ago in 2006. Over the years I have tried numerous alternative therapies with little success.  In the last week of August 2013, my WBC (White blood count) was 635k and the CLL was winning. I started the TumorX protocol using Apoptosis Max and the Enzymes therapy the last week of August. In 10 weeks my WBC was back to normal and I am back to my old self prior to the battle with CLL. Thank you Dr. Raber and BioAnue Laboratories, I can’t say enough good things about your services and your products. Thank you so much!

Dear Tumorx,

My Dad had advaced stage 4 lung cancer. It had already went into his neck, under his arm pit, and into his adrenal glands. He is a patients of the V.A. They gave him 6months to live and referred us to Hospice.

We had a friend that was on his death bed and started your regimen for killing out cancer. They gave him just a few days to live. He lived 4 more months, but died from an anurysem, not cancer. My dad had his right lung removed and had started chemo but, a tumor developed that was twice the size of the first spot while he was doing that. They started radiation because the tumor was pressing into his pulmonary artery. At the same time we started Tumorx. Dec. 1st , 2011 we started with one of your packages.

We couldn't afford everyhing that was suggested (Package 6), but we did easy digest, full strenth, and enzymes (Package 3). Feb.17, 2012 we had a petscan and they found no cancer. They were all in shock!! Had him come back on April 11, 2012, still no cancer. We tell everyone about tumorx. We cannot express how thankful we are for finding your regimen for cancer. It does work.

Thank You So Much,

Missy T


Using Package 6 as the Treatment Plan

The TumorX Package 6 protocol is the most popular protocol used and in most cases should be used first before you consider a stronger protocol like Package 9. The difference between Package 6 and 9 is very little, however. One of the best ways of looking at the differences between the two protocols is that most of the ingredients found in Package 6 (Formula103X, Formula 303X, Formula 403X, ATP, and Q10) are contained in a single product in Package 9. Additionally, Package 9 contains Oxidation Mender, not found in Package 6, which consists of very strong antioxidants like black rice extract at a 300:1 extract ratio. These ingredients help remove ROS (free radicals) from the body. Free radicals increase disease states in the body, including cancer and metastasis of the cancer cells. So this addition is important.

TumorX Package 9 provides all of the aforementioned nutrients found in Package 6 consolidated in one capsule called Formula 503X. In addition to Formula 503X, Package 9 also contains Stomach Advanced used to adjust the pH of the stomach and the anti-cancer mushroom Chaga-- extracted to 30 percent polysaccharides.  Stomach Advanced has multiple actions. It corrects the pH of the stomach, allowing nutrients to absorb properly, and helps mitigate negative side effects associated with Apoptosis Max. In Package 9, Apoptosis Easy Digest and Apoptosis Full Strength are replaced by Apoptosis Max-- a formula that is 30 times stronger than Apoptosis Easy Digest.


TumorX Package 6 Product Overview

The combination of enzymes, Apoptosis Easy Digest, Apoptosis Full Strength, Q10 and ATP is an excellent combination of nutrients:

Enzymes (Formula 103X, Formula 303X, and Formula 403X)

  • Detoxify The Body
  • Kill cancer cells
  • Improve the condition of the blood
  • Help digest food thus decreasing the risk of starvation
  • Removes hCG

Apoptosis Easy Digest, Apoptosis Full Strength and Apoptosis Max

  • Promotes the self-destruction of cancer cells
  • Removes the ability of cancer cells to hide from the immune system
  • Kills microorganisms
  • Kills Cancer Cells
  • Removes the ability of cancer cells to hide form the immune system
  • Kills microorganisms
  • Down regulates survivin expression


  • Induces Killer T cells
  • Induces Helper T Cells
  • Feeds the mitochondria
  • Helps the cells produce ATP
  • Increases macrophages
  • Helps protect the heart and other vital organs from chemo drugs


  • Using the liver, ATP Converts lactic acid into energy
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen to organs, converting the body from anaerobic to aerobic
  • Kills cancer cells

Apoptosis Max

Apoptosis Max contains sanguinarine and chelerythrine extracted from Kelway’s Coral Plume and from bloodroot. This is strongest of all the Apoptosis formulas to date. Some have no issues using Apoptosis Max as long as the pH of the stomach is in the correct range. Apoptosis Max provides an anti-cancer formula for people following omnivore, herbivore, vegan, vegetarian, or Paleo Diet. Apoptosis Max while not tolerable to some due to its strength, is suitable for vegans as it contains no animal ingredients.

Unless there is a medical reason NOT to eat herbs and enzymes, or there is an allergic reaction to the nutrients found in the TumorX Protocols, you will be able to utilize the TumorX protocols. I have made some very effective formulas and protocols that have the capability of killing your cancer cells. However, these formulas work only if taken correctly. In my experience, the patient who is constantly dealing with negative side effects such as nausea, bloating, or just has a general bad feeling of malaise when taking these protocols will ultimately find any excuse to quit the protocol. It is simply human nature. These excuses cause the patient to take the protocols incorrectly-- typically taking late or lower dosages than what is needed. This can lead to a tragic outcome and lots of wasted time. Wasted time in the beginning might not seem that important, but remember that cancer cells continue to grow and multiply and increase in cellular survivin. Increased amounts of survivin create an environment that is hostile to normal cells and a breeding ground for cancerous cells. Combined with time, this is a recipe for failure. Thus my belief for years has been straight forward: you should do all you can do every day to kill as many cancer cells as possible.


Apoptosis Easy Digest and Apoptosis Full Strength

Apoptosis Easy Digest and Apoptosis Full Strength both have the active phytochemical sanguinarine as one of the active alkaloids found in the herb bloodroot.  Sanguinarine enhances survivin degradation as demonstrated by Meng Sun et al, in 2010. The importance of this discovery cannot be understated as we consider that therapy resistance is the top reason of cancer mortality.  Survivin is over-produced by cancer cells while it is almost undetectable in normal cells.  Survivin is implicated in the control of cell division, inhibition of apoptosis, and tumor cell resistance to certain anticancer agents and ion­izing radiation.     

Apoptosis Easy Digest contains slippery elm to aid the digestive track by calming and soothing as it comes in contact with potential irritants found in the small and large intestine. Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) contains two key anticancer phytochemicals: sanguinarine and chelerythrine.

Sanguinarine and chelerythrine induce apoptosis, the self-destruction of cancer cells. These components also stop the cancer from receiving nutrients by destroying the blood supply to the tumor-- known as angiogenesis. The anti-metastasis properties of sanguinarine and chelerythrine stops the spreading of cancer cells, while at the same time promotes cell cycle arrest. These two phytochemo agents have demonstrated multiple anti-drug resistances in clinical studies, while other studies have shown the potential for these components as a nutrient to prevent cancer cells from forming.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hCG

Formula 103X and Formula 503X contain pancreatic enzymes to remove human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) from the bloodstream which allows the cancer to be detected. Although commonly used to indicate pregnancy, hCG and cancer detection has been known for year.  Simply put, if a male has detectable levels of hCG the natural presumption is that he has cancer.  For woman past the childbearing age, trace amounts of hCG indicate that cancer cells are present. (Caution: the rapid response, test indicators for pregnancy found at the local drug store are not accurate enough to determine if you have cancer or not; a true hCG test can only be performed in a real laboratory) A good lab that can determine if you have cancer is American Metabolic Laboratories, phone number 954-929-4814. This is a good testing facility that will be able to give you accurate test results. Call them if you are planning to use hCG biological markers to determine the likelihood of cancer. Their CA Profile test can detect hCG in blood and urine to determine if you have active cancer cells. 


Co-Enzyme Q10

Squamous cell carcinoma can be reversed and cured using Co-Enzyme Q10. In fact, a deficiency in this natural substance induces cancer and allows viruses that promote cancer inside the human body to go unchecked! 2 Co-Enzyme Q10 is dose dependent1. Ninety milligrams of Co-Enzyme Q10 was administered daily for 3 months; 6 of 32 patients had partial cancer regression. When 300 and 390 milligrams of Co-Enzyme Q10 were given daily for 4 months, 2 of 2 patients had complete cancer regression.

In other studies, a 49-year-old patient had complete disappearance of lung-area tumor after 6 months of daily doses of 390mg Co-Enzyme Q10.   A 75-year-old patient had complete remission with no metastasis of single breast cancer after lumpectomy and taking 390 mg Co-Enzyme Q10 daily for 4 months. From our experience, 500-1000mg daily is the ideal dosage to destroy cancer cells inside the human body. The article below discusses the correlation between viruses and cancers as well as how TumorX BioEnerGenics Co-Enzyme Q10 can help you prevent and/or cure cancer in your body 2.

The National Cancer Institute on the Effectiveness of Co-Q101... A study conducted in Denmark followed 32 breast cancer patients for 18 months. The disease in these patients had metastasized to other areas of the body. The patients received Co-Q10 in addition to standard therapy. The survival rate of these patients was 100%. Six were shown to have evidence of remission, none of the six showed further signs of metastasis. One of the 6 patients and a new patient were treated for several months with higher doses of Co-Q10. Surgical removal of the primary breast tumor had been performed in these patients with residual cancer cells still remaining. After 3 to 4 months of supplementation with Co-Q10, both patients experienced complete regression of residual breast tumors. All 32 patients from the original study were alive at 24 months of observation. This same report also states evidence that coenzyme Q10 lengthens the survival of patients with pancreatic, lung, rectal, laryngeal, colon, and prostate cancers (this information also exist in peer-reviewed, scientific literature).

In summary Co-Q10 cannot kill cancer; Co-Q10 facilitates the pancreatic enzyme the patient naturally produces and supplemental enzymes that are taken to saturation.. this is why co-Q10 works. 



Cachexia is present in cancer patients, occurring in over 80% of gastric, pancreatic, and esophageal cancer, in 70% of head and neck cancer, and approximately 60% of lung, colorectal, and prostate cancer. Most have already experienced significant weight loss before cancer diagnosis. This knowledge should inspire a proactive approach to preventing and treating this potentially deadly, biological and nutritional deficiency before it takes hold. 

The production of lactate acid by cancer cells does not merely happen while the cell is under stress; the cancer cells dump lactate acid into the body 7 days a week, 24 hours a day as its metabolic waste. The onslaught of poison from cancer is never ending and intensifies as the cancer multiplies, thus becoming increasingly deadly over time. Ideally, all cancer patients should supplement with TumorX ATP Pure Energy to prevent the poisoning of the body that leads to a wasting syndrome known as cachexia.

TumorX ATP Pure Energy supplementation is even more important for those patients who have later stages of cancer diagnosis. TumorX Package 6 protocol listed above is highly recommended to allow the natural death of cancer cells and reverse metabolic wasting syndrome.


Where is the Cure?

In your endeavor to self-educate-- speaking to your oncologist, reading books, and reading articles on the internet concerning your type of cancer-- I expect your doctor has never brought up the notion why chemotherapy and radiotherapy can fail. Different ideas are “the cancer just changes” or “the cancer cell mutated” and so on. Some patronizing practitioners chalk it up to magical force they just do not understand. Your medical doctor is very clever, highly intelligent, and knows exactly what is going on and also knows that there are no drugs at his disposal that work to cure the cancer. With no approved drugs, your doctor is hesitant to research anything that could help that is not an approved drug. He could lose his or her license for attempting to help you.

For the sake of defending your oncologist and being intellectually honest, allow me to write frankly. Most people put their doctors in a lose-lose situation. If they tell you about unapproved treatments they can lose their license. If the government finds out, they might revoke their medical license for prescribing unapproved drugs. Most people want a treatment but they also want to live in a world where there is no risk. However this place just does not exist on the planet.



Remission / Cured?

There is the difference between remission and cure. Cancer remission simply means that the tumor shrank, was no longer growing, or for some other metabolic reason was no longer life-threatening, or the cancer was cut out. The oncologist used poisons and/or radiation to shrink or kill the cancer, but the deficiency- that is to say the cause of the cancer- was never corrected thus allowing the disease to remanifest itself. However, if one is in remission they have a golden opportunity to repair their body to complete.


The Information Age

If you cannot find the information you are looking for concerning your disease, the first thing you need to decide is what type of information you are seeking. This sounds simple, but it is not. If you want to find allopathic information there are 1,000’s of medical sites and specialty medical sites on the internet. 

If you are unhappy with the answers the allopathic community proposes and believe there are alternative ways of treating the body, credible information gets harder to find.

 I think it would be fair to say that, ultimately, you are responsible for your health. Your medical doctor was not trained in herbs and natural compounds. He really does not know anything substantial about natural product and would be practicing outside his scope of practice if tried to proclaim treatment using herbs and such. So do not blame the medical doctors for their lack of alternative knowledge for treatment.

The pharmaceutical companies make chemical and natural or synthetic compounds. My experience is they do not have a preference, as long as there is profit.  I believe that this is an honest system; they are not trying to be the thought police. They just make product the consumer demands through their purchasing of end products. However, I strongly believe the government tries to manipulate the pharmaceutical companies at every opportunity.   Lobby groups pay extortion money to Congress and the House of Representatives, in what looks like a quid-quo-pro relationship. The pharmaceutical companies supply the government agencies with money and jobs so the regulatory agencies get off their figurative backs. Thus the pharmaceutical companies act as the whipping-boy for the government agencies. The government tramples the rights of its citizens; pharmaceutical companies have less competition, more regulation, and higher profits after they pay the extortion money to the government.        

The government workers are the puppet masters. These draconian-bureaucratic-gangsters do not care if you live or die, nor do they care if their mother, father, sister, brother or best friends die. Their need for control is so overpowering, and they are so impressed with their thoughts that they are willing to let anyone die if it does not fit their modal.  The simple fact is that we are all in it together.  You are deprived of information; we are all deprived together. Ultimately we are all deprived of the most basic human right… the right to live.



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